May 7, 2012

washi tape
geometric door design

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i am in love with washi tape. 
there's SO MANY THINGS you can do with it.

...like decorating the door to K's room!

before: blah, boring. cheap. old (and not in a good way). honey oak-y.

we hope to eventually ((years and years, people...)) replace the interior doors with horizontal five-panel doors. until then, washi tape is fun, easy, and ((best of all)) inexpensive. music to my ears!

even K had fun!

i really need to stop adding so much fun stuff to K's room and maybe think about the rest of the house, yah?

* mari



  1. Wow what a nice design of door but glass doors is more elegant coz it might be a decor too.

  2. I love it! Great idea for my dorm room door. How many rolls did this take?

    1. thanks kittia! i used less than one roll (one blue, one green) -- i still had PLENTY left over of each. let me know how it turns out! :)

  3. Curious about the staying power of washi tape, does it stay put? Can your child easily peel it off?

    1. hi there! washi tape has the same tackiness as masking tape. it sticks quite well and for long periods of time, but doesn't leave much -- if any -- residue when peeled off. it's been over a year and the washi tape is holding up just fine. it hasn't come off at all.

      i think K *could* easily pull it off if so inclined, but it seems to blend into the background for him because he hasn't touched it. knock on wood! :)

  4. hi! i was thinking of doing this for my dorm room door... but will it come off at the end of the year? thanks a bunch


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